Rather than the typical tattoo parlour which offers the usual walk in option, where a client will choose an "off the shelf" tattoo, at Lotus Tattoo Studio we like to have an intital consultation to discuss what exactly you are looking for. 


A tattoo is for life and in Jon's opinion the client should be 100% certain before making the final decision.


All of Jon's consultations are free and have no time limit.


When you have discussed your design and made your choice, the price is agreed based on the tattoo not on a time basis or hourly rate, so from the start you will be clear on how much your tattoo is going to cost you.


As the Studio does not incur high street costs we are able to offer very competitive prices.


What to expect...

Before we commence work on your tattoo a full medical history and your personal details will be recorded, these will be recorded on paper, as opposed to computerised and will be kept fully confidential and subject to the data protection act.


Taking a full medical history is to establish whether you have a medical condition which may preclude you from having a tattoo i.e. certain skin disorders or maybe taking prescription medication which contra indicates the use of needles.


We only carry out these precautions for the safety of the client. It however is not a legal requirement but we feel the responsible thing to do.


Contrary to popular belief anaesthetic is not required. People's pain thresholds vary but in general most people find the procedure of being tattooed slightly uncomfortable but not an unpleasant experience.  


If you have any concerns please feel free to discuss them at your free of charge consultation.

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